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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Colour therapy

Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths/frequencies. As we are basicly made of energy, is is not suprising that colour can have an effect on us. Have you ever noticed how calm a room can feel if it is painted in blue or lilac shades? Or how busy a room can feel if it is painted red or orange? Even the colours we wear have an effect. If you choose to wear a bright colour you somehow feel more alive and energised.

Colour therapists mainly use the seven colours of the rainbow, each colour relating to one of the Chakras in our body. A therapist will use one or more of the following during a treatment:-

Silks in Chakra colours to lay over the body
Full spectrum lights
Colour solarised water
Aromatherapy oils
Colour energised oils
Colour breathing techniques
Art techniques

The aim of a Colour therapy session is to balance the energy in the Chakras to promote wellbeing.


  1. Hey Kathy, I was wondering, what's a Karmagraph ?

  2. Hi Keith, a karmagraph is a circle of colours and numbers that can be used with numerology. The karmagraph is then interpreted by revealing the attributes of each colour. This can reveal a lot about your innate abilities, life potential and direction. I hope that explains it :-)

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