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Monday, 1 February 2010

An Introduction to my Blog

Hello and welcome!

What I intend to do in this blog is to maybe shed some light on Alternative therapies and different paths to Health and Well being, for those of you not yet familiar with these concepts and hopefully offer an interesting read for those of you who are well acquainted with all things alternative.

A bit about me; I studied Reiki healing 12 years ago and have looked into the metaphysical causes to illness as well as studying Philosophy.

It is beneficial to stay relaxed, in body and mind and to have a healthy diet to be healthy. Exercise is another important factor, as most of us know.

In this blog I will write short articles on various Alternative therapies, the importance of listening to your body, the power of thought and beliefs and metaphysical causes of health problems. I will also include beneficial types of exercise.

My first article will cover Reiki, a transfer of energy which aids healing and well being.

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  1. Nice, Ill look forward to following this :-)